Project Description

Fabio Cibecchini

If these walls could talk, they would tell hundreds of stories, one more interesting than the next. Stories about headstrong men who dared challenging Florence until ultimately being defeated. Stories about the poets of Certaldo who “invented” the Italian language ….. and stories of onions… yes onions… the curious claim to fame of the city as an “onion capital”of Tuscany and that image of the onion blazoned in the heraldry of the city’s coat of arms.

As a “modern Boccaccio”, I will show you the lesser-known side of Tuscany, parts that will surprise you made of town centers rich in culture and nestled in the beautiful renowned picturesque countryside. If you are thinking of organizing a guided visit to museums/town centers, a hike in touch with nature or just a simple day trip exploring the region, do not hesitate to contact me.

Helping you, will be my pleasure.


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