Strolling around Certaldo Alto

In the upper city of Certaldo, it is possible to join guided walking excursions to discover the beauty of the Tuscan sharecropping landscape. This unique landscape is characterised by country homes, open fields, olive groves, vineyards, wooded areas and, in the background, the “calanchi”, a particular type eroded clay hillsides.

The Canonica Park provides the most suggestive view over the medieval town center of Certaldo Alto.

Not too far from the historical town center, the curious “collina di Boccaccio” (“Boccaccio” Hill) rises up over the surrounding valley. During the Etruscan times, the hill was used as a necropolis while in the High Middle Ages it hosted a farming settlement. Nowadays, nothing remains from its past but the hill can still be appreciated for the nice views over the valley.

Licensed authorized local tour guides offer urban or country walks introducing you to the local history and its natural surroundings. The length of the tours depends on the itinerary (starting from 2 km for 2 or more hours).In fact, tours often end or even depart from the Certaldo Alto.

A guided visit of the town center including a walk in the the surrounding countryside can easily be done in one day.